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December 13, 2011

Farmers’ Markets Embracing Technology

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When most of us think of farmers’ markets, we don’t think of “high tech” let alone technology at all.  However, over the past years, farmers ‘markets- like the rest of us- have adopted digital technologies to reach an increasingly connected consumer. And who could blame them?

It all started with email marketing campaigns, and I think a lot of us can relate to this.  Several farmers’ markets used these emails as a way to communicate with their customers what was in stock and share other important information.

Today’s farmers’ markets are utilizing digital more and more, way beyond email. Below are the three main ways farmers’ markets are utilizing digital tools to connect to their customers.

Social Media

This is probably a familiar progression to your business’ story. As a way to get the word out, facebook and other social media channels were a natural progression from your newsletters and email campaigns. That’s exactly what happened to farmers’ markets. They discovered they had a huge audience through facebook.

Winter Caplanson of Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market says: “We had a steady following before using social media, roughly 750 customers per market day. Social media allowed us to spread the word, and for our customers to pass it along, about the really exceptional market we were offering.” Then, by the end of 2006, the market was attracting over one thousand people a day.  “Social media has helped us tell our story, build a tribe and do it for free,” says Caplanson.


Farmers’ markets are also turning to mobile marketing, including QR codes and smartphone apps.  Through QR Codes, users are sent to the farmers markets’ mobile sites. QR Codes are also used on booth signage at vendors’ booths and on products’ packaging.  Many smartphone apps are launching too. “We see that consumers and food producers share a common desire to understand one another better,” says Foodtree founder Derek Shanahan. “The farmers’ market is one of the few remaining spots for people to meet the person responsible for what they’re eating; a powerful relationship for both parties.”

Online Farmers’ Markets

Because not all people can access farmers’ markets, some farmers’ markets have went online so they are accessible to all. Although many consumers value the actual experience of walking through a farmers’ market, I’m confident that saavy farmers’ markets will find a way to create a similar experience online.

As you can see, farmers’ markets have stayed relevant and evolved with the times. Although what is sold at the markets may not evoke an image of high-tech, the people behind these have remained current to keep up with their customers. Are you doing the same?


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