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November 28, 2011

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Smart Shoppers, and Smarter Companies

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Today- on what the retail industry calls “Cyber Monday”- I came across this article from Forbes. Due to Black Friday success, many retailers lifted retail stocks today to “extend the promotional environment to direct-to-consumer sales online.” For many companies- especially big, smart companies- this has become a tradition. And a tactical one. Just because most of the world goes back to work on Monday and can’t spend their mornings in line fighting over merchandise, it doesn’t mean people can’t spend big money- on big deals- online.  So the online space needs to cater to that with calculated discounts and robust campaigns to let their consumers know about them. And this year it worked really well.

Unsurprising, according to comScore, Apple was the 5th most-visited online retail store on Black Friday, behind Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target.

One reason Apple probably succeeded so much this year is because this Black Friday was particularly aggressive when it comes to online shopping. According to a report from comScore, Black Friday saw $816 million in online sales, a 26-percent increase over last year. IBM’s data suggests a similar surge, with Black Friday online sales rising 24.3% compared to last year.

In today’s world where most companies already offer online shopping with strong email campaigns to let consumers know about promotions and deals, it only makes sense that the online component will boom on the days of the year that are already branded as the biggest “Deal-Days” of the year.  As a consumer and a business owner, it’s really about using these days as smartly as possible.

What do you think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday?


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