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September 16, 2011

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Congratulations to Target for their countless Sales, Marketing and PR wins that were all a result of their made-for-Target line of the high-end fashion brand Missoni.

missoni for target

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A lot of good stuff happened at Target the past few weeks.

It all started when the TV commercials, print ads (the spread in Vogue stands out) and the company’s website heavily promoted the fact that the expensive brand would exclusively be available at Target. The message was loud and clear. Get it fast.

And the public understood the message. Two hours prior to Target stores’ opening, fashionistas and those excited by the opportunity to get a normally- $800 sweater for $49.99, were offered the chance to shop the collection at

And they all did. Bright and early.

By 11:00 am, shelves were empty, racks were bare, and was crashed with a message saying “Woof” and apologizing for the temporary crash. Online shoppers who lost their orders were angry, store shoppers who arrived at Target bright and early (7 A.M. openings), but left empty-handed were disappointed, users who tried to visit the site but could not were frustrated. To most retailers this would be a tremendous lose.

But not for Target. They won even more than they probably planned. But that’s debatable too. What occurred on Monday is almost too genius for it not to be planned.   And come on, an expert retailer like Target had to have anticipated such traffic and in-store excitement.

Target’s model of offering luxury brands for affordable prices works. It works really, really well. They’ve successfully sold high-end brands such as Shabby Chic and Tucker to the masses, and delighted and pleased their consumers… and the numbers show. But the Missoni campaign stands out.

First, as mentioned above, they generated buzz by offering a product with limited access and supply. Shoppers were frantically hitting the site, running to stores, and more importantly, talking about it. The site crashed, the shelves cleared, and as a result it was publicly visible that there

What did you learn from Target’s launch of Missoni?


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