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April 19, 2011

Effective Business Proposals

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The Business Proposal. A crucial part of landing the deal you want. This is not something you want to  brush off. A few tips for effective business proposals:

To maximize your chances of preselling your product or service:

  • Submit your proposal in the format your prospect prefers. If the prospect prefers a certain way- and takes the time to specify it- take the hint, and do it that way.
  • Use the prospect’s terms and language. This will position you as an insider. Listen to everything that’s said when inside the prospect’s business.
  • Submit your proposal without delay.
  • Archive successful proposals electronically as templates for future proposals.
Include the following essential information that must always be included:
  • Strategic Fit. Why is your product or service the right fit for the customer? Ideally, use information gleaned from the prospect.
  • Products or services to be provided. What do you want the prospect to buy from you?
  • Pricing. What will you charge? Include cost analysis or other information, if relevant, to justify the price.
  • Timing.  Which crucial items are needed, and when?
  • Contact Information. Who is the contact at your company in case the proposal is passed to others?
Good luck.

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