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March 24, 2011


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Everyone- at some point in their career- has made a few mistakes. I’ve made several. It is how we learn from our mistakes and handle the mistakes that makes us grow, both in business and outside of business.

When I started my sampling company, I had a huge pitch planned for a chocolate company. My team and I had worked on our proposal all night. My assistant insisted I go home, as she stayed an additional few minutes to make the finishing touches.

The next day, when the clients came, all was going well. My team was motivated, our presentation was completed, and bagels were out… with even two spreads.

Right when I start the presentation- from my clients’ expressions alone- I noticed that our proposed campaign of “THE BIG PASS” was misspelled throughout the whole presentation. The p in “pass” was missing. On every single page of the presentation, the logo of “The Big Pass” was misspelled, and eluding to something we would never want to imply to a chocolate company.

I made a joke about it, and proceeded with the presentation. The moral of the story is, when you make a mistake, you have two options. You can handle it, or you can’t.

Mistakes are bound to happen, but what people are really looking for is how you handle them. And in case you’re wondering, when we got the account, one of the clients told me they wanted to work with a team who could handle mistakes gracefully.

What recent mistakes have you made?

How have you handled them?

Check out this article from @Under30CEO. Enjoy.


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