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January 11, 2011

What’s Up in 2011?

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Happy New Year. In 2010, a huge mistake some of my friends and clients faced is the industries they were working with. A client of mine who owns a catering company wasn’t getting any business from her clients who usually submitted orders on a monthly basis. I asked what industries those clients were in, and of course-they were falling industries.

What do you think the growing industries of 2011 are? Target those industries when pitching to clients and working with clients. Technology and energy come to mind quickly.What are industries that come to your mind?

In a few months, there will be a graduating class of 2011 entering the job market. Interestingly, after my college tour, I learned that the perceptions most of us have about the mindset of these students is very different than what they think. I learned:

  • While over 75% personally know someone impacted by the economic downturn, 85% feel confident that they will be able to get a fulltime job immediately after graduation. Only 20% of juniors and seniors believe that they will have to move back home after they graduate.
  • This generation is ready to take on the load and lead the charge to get us out of the current economic situation and helping others in the process. Approx. 50% of juniors and seniors believe that they will have to financially help a family member or close friend in the next 5 years.

I can’t wait to see if this generation’s perception is the reality. Are you surprised by this data? PSUtour




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