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July 16, 2010

Generation Y…. Why Me?!

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I’v e been thinking a lot about our nation’s next generation, commonly known as Generation Y.

college tour

Image Courtesy of mishra26 via Flickr

America’s next generation is faced with an unprecedented number of challenges on many fronts.  The economic landscape has been altered considerably placing the country into an industrial evolution.  Many of the industries that shaped their parents’ world have either been eliminated or are in a state of chaos.  If you think about it, almost every single 18-25 year old knows firsthand someone directly impacted by the current economic downturn. We consistently hear how the next generation will bear the burden of today’s consequences.  It’s everywhere- the news, the media… you can’t miss it. There is tremendous pressure placed on the next generation as they look to make their way on the world.

But what does the next generation think about the world they are inheriting?  How will they make their mark?  What are their hopes, dreams and fears as they set forth into the vast unknown?  Everyone is talking about the next generation, but nobody is listening to them.

Unitl now.

I believe that the future success of our country, on the national, state and local levels, is dependent on our next generation of leaders.    I have a strong passion and commitment to utilize my skills and experience to provide as much assistance as I can to help pave the way for this generation, enabling them to be more prepared and to shorten the learning curve to success.  To that end I have developed the Bag the Elephant™ Unplugged University Tour.” I’m excited to share this news with you.

More updates to come.

What do you think of the position the next generation is in to resolve the current environmental and economic crises America’s facing?


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